Going To A Marijuana Dispensary? Know These 4 Things

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Do you want to visit a marijuana dispensary for the first time, but don't know what to expect? If so, it will help to know these tips for making your first dispensary purchase.

Know The Legal Age To Purchase

Marijuana is legal to purchase in Canada as long as you are the legal age to do so. The majority of Canada requires that you are 19 years old, but Quebec and Alberta have a slightly lower requirement of 18 years old. Make sure you have your ID ready to prove how old you are. Many dispensaries check ID in the lobby before you even enter the main part of the dispensary. 

Know The Possession Limits

There is a limit to how much marijuana you can purchase from a dispensary, though the limit is probably a lot higher than you think. You can only possess 30g of dried cannabis at any given time. If a rolled joint has about half a gram of cannabis in it, then you can purchase around 60 rolled joints. That should be more than enough for your first dispensary purchase.

Know The Difference Between Sativa And Indica Strains

When it comes to selecting the type of marijuana to buy, be aware that the main two categories that marijuana falls into are sativa and indica strains. You'll find that a sativa strain can cause you to feel energetic, and many people report that it helps with relieving anxiety. An indica strain is going to cause you to feel very relaxed, with the strain often making people feel like they don't want to leave their couch. There can also be hybrids of these two strains that provide a combination of both feelings.

Know The THC And CBD Levels

One of the nice things about buying legal marijuana from a dispensary is that every strain will advertise the amount of THC and CBD contained within the plant. THC is going to be the element that provides the psychoactive effect that many people associate with marijuana. Meanwhile, CBD can give people physical health benefits without the psychoactive properties. For example, CBD is known for reducing pain and anxiety.

The amount of THC and CBD in the strain you select really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for the health benefits of pain and anxiety reduction, you may want a strain that is high in CBD and low in THC.

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